Underground Constructions Pty ltd

Management Team

The Underground Constructions Team comprises the following key individuals:-

Peter Ward
- Managing Director
- Over 30 years’ experience in construction and project management

Mark Ward
- Director
- Over 30 years’ experience in construction and project management

Nathan Roulston
- General Manager
- 17 years Telecommunications experience
- Specific expertise in Project Planning & Management
- Australian wide experience as well as projects abroad including Malaysia

Jason Freeman
- Construction Manager
- 11 years Telecommunications experience
- Specific expertise in overseeing and completing projects
- Vastly experienced throughout remote areas of Australia

Anthony McPhee
- Directional Drilling Manager
- 17 years Telecommunications experience
- Specific expertise in planning & carrying out underground directional drilling operations

Darrel Schwab
- OHS & Systems Manager
- Bachelor of Business Marketing
- 8 years of OHS & Managerial Experience
- Specialising in the implementation and overseeing of OHS systems


Staff Training

Our staff are extremely well versed in their specific roles and responsibilities. We critically analyse our personnel capabilities regularly and actively seek out areas to improve. Therefore, we ensure that our people are qualified to achieve the best possible standard. Records of employee training and qualifications are kept. 


 Work Environment and Infrastructure

Underground Constructions is committed to providing the safest and most comfortable working environment, to ensure construction is carried out effectively and is sufficient to meet client, legal and legislative requirements.

Underground Constructions prides itself on using the best available infrastructure and gives precedence to Australian-based companies.




Underground Constructions has a committed, flexible, competitive and skilled workforce. Our personnel possess substantial skills, experience and qualifications that enable us to match our people with services and performance levels required to meet the varied needs of our customers. Employment development and safety is of paramount importance to Underground Constructions.


ISO Accreditation

SIA Global conduct ISO Certification Auditing our Intergrated Management Systems in accordance with the requirements of:-

- ISO AN/NZS 9001:2008
...(Quality Management Sytems)
- ISO AS/NZS 4801:2001
...(OH&S Management Systems)

Key Clients include:-

  • · Telstra
  • · Visionstream
  • · AARNet
  • · Leighton Contractors
  • · ABB
  • · Silcar

Suppliers of:-

· Pipeline Constructions
· Trenching
· Cable Ploughing
· Cable Hauling
· Directional Drilling
· Pit and Pipe Installation
· Service and Asset Locations
· Underground Utility Vaults
· Jointing
· Design