Management Structure

With over 28 years’ experience and unparalleled attention to detail, Underground Constructions specialise in the complex nature of projects, beginning with identifying any potential risks and maintaining a focus on safety. Our reputation of excellence and precession is growing. Underground Constructions has built a reputation for reliability and quality workmanship and attribute our success to the capabilities and experience of our key personnel, subcontractor and employees.

At Underground Constructions, we take pride knowing that we can deliver the best quality work on time and on budget.

OHS System

Underground Constructions commitment to providing a safe and healthy work environment for all employees, contractors and visitors, through enhanced and integrated regulatory compliance in accordance with the various Occupational Health and Safety Acts, Legislation and standards AS/NZS 4801-2001: Occupational Health & Safety Management Systems

Underground Constructions principal goal is to continually improve the health and safety workplace environment to prevent injuries and illnesses. Everyone has a responsibility for safety including their own and others.

Quality System

Underground Constructions will aim to maintain accreditation to AS/NZS ISO 9001-2015: Quality Management Systems. The company is committed to continual improvement consistent with this Quality Standard. Underground Constructions are committed to supplying its customers with services that meets or exceeds their requirements for service quality responsiveness. The quality and reliability of our services are the concern of every person in the company.

Environmental System

Underground Constructions is committed towards continuously improving our sustainability performance and providing sustainable professional engineering services. We ensure ongoing compliance with all applicable legislation, mandatory guidelines, codes, standards and other relevant requirements to maintain our accreditation AS/NZS ISO 1400-2016: Environmental Management Systems we set achievable objectives and targets for measuring our environmental performance.



Project & Construction Management

A construction plan is developed and outlines how construction will be achieved, controlled and managed. The construction plan key elements are communicated to all key personnel, subcontractors and employees in a pre-construction meeting. As the project precedes task planning and construction meetings are used to communicate expectations of the project to key personnel, subcontractors and employees. All personnel engaged on projects (supervisors and employee / sub-contractors) will be prompted of their responsibilities and accountabilities that contribute through the induction process. The effective implementation of construction programs, drawings and technical specifications will be the responsibility of the Operations Manager, Systems Manager and supervisors to see that the Underground Construction crews and Sub Contractors assume their responsibility.

Training and Development

Management places great emphasis on thorough training of employees and the development of efficient work practices, so that practices can be completed in a minimum of time. The savings are reflected in the lower costs to client and better conditions for our employees.

Our staff are extremely well versed in their specific roles and responsibilities. We critically analyse our personnel capabilities regularly and actively seek out areas to improve. Therefore, we ensure that our people are qualified to achieve the best possible standard. 

All staff are trained in all aspects of our operation and have a good understanding of what is required to maintain a safe work environment and to obtain the best result for the client and company. Underground Constructions maintains a commitment to keeping its staff certification for first aid current. The organisation has a program of continuous self-improvement for all staff members.

Customer Liaison and Representation Skills

We have found that employing the right people to do the right job is imperative. Building a good repour and consulting prior to the work commencing has always been a positive approach. Just as important is to keep all relevant people constantly informed. Using an up-to-date daily tracking spreadsheet is imperative to maintain a good flow of the project.

Our belief is that good consultation prior to commencement is the key to minimising any issue.

Work Environment and Infrastructure

Underground Constructions is committed to providing the safest and most comfortable working environment, to ensure construction is carried out effectively and is sufficient to meet client, legal and legislative requirements.

Underground Constructions prides itself on using the best available infrastructure and gives precedence to Australian-based companies.

Underground Constructions PTY LTD

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