Capability Statement

Underground Constructions is an Australian company with expert and extensive experience in underground cable and pipe placement it has considerable earthmoving and civil contracting equipment. This means that the organisation can successfully undertake numerous projects concurrently and can respond quickly to client requirements. The organisation has expanded and maintained market leadership by undertaking work efficiently, expeditiously and competitively.

The organisation maintains a number of areas of expertise. Both in specialist and general contracting, Underground Constructions provides value-adding services to its clients through:

  • Trenching
  • Cable Ploughing
  • Cable Hauling
  • Directional Drilling
  • Pit and Pipe Installation
  • Service and Asset Locations
  • Underground Utility Vaults
  • Jointing
  • Design

With our Australian and International expertise/experience, we can provide a comprehensive service for the design and installation of fibre optic projects.

 Project Management

Underground Construction have been successful in managing projects by applying general management principles and a prescribed set of supporting techniques and tools, to deliver agreed project requirements over a defined time for an agreed cost.

Our structured approach to Project Management minimises business risk and increases the likelihood of achieving desired business outcomes. Our project managers use a structured project management approach that can be tailored to individual client needs.

Design Services/ Turnkey Solutions

Underground Constructions has a reputation for providing their clients with construction projects on time, and most importantly, within budget. The organisation specialises in project management with an ability to bring together a variety of expert sub-contractors who use only quality products. Underground Constructions provides our customers with comprehensive design services and the ability to deliver turnkey solutions.

We believe that by allowing organisations to concentrate on their core competencies and forming teams to meet the individual needs of projects, we can ultimately deliver better value and project solutions to our customer’s needs.

Team Work

Underground Constructions has developed strong partnering agreements with its customers. 

Underground Constructions, where possible, integrates its operations with those of its customers. As part of its standard, project operations, project controls and project interfaces are all put into place prior to actual work commencing on our projects.

Underground Constructions takes ownership of all its projects and always endeavours to work in partnership with its customers. Underground Constructions openly encourages value engineering where there is a benefit to its customers.

Underground Constructions takes pride in this approach to customer relations and we are confident that this is evident upon review of our operations and can be confirmed by speaking with our customers, employees and directors.


Underground Constructions has a committed, flexible, competitive and skilled workforce. Our personnel possess substantial skills, experience and qualifications that enable us to match our people with the services and performance levels required to meet the varied needs of our customers. Employment development and safety is of paramount importance to Underground Constructions.

Specialist Equipment

Underground Constructions have been contracted on numerous occasions, mainly on larger projects because of their ability to supply large numbers of specialist machinery.

Underground Constructions have a large fleet of specialised machinery available and works throughout Australia and maintains a very good working relationship with a number of earthmoving and telecommunications contractors throughout Australia.

Underground Directional Drilling

Directional Drilling is a technique that has been developed to provide precision boring in any direction that allows cable or pipe to be laid at any depth under roads, rivers, swamps and other difficult ground conditions, without disturbing the surface or underground services along its path.

Directional drills are capable of drilling lengths in excess of 500 metres with up to a 300mm diameter drill. Underground Constructions currently owns and operates 3 drilling rigs which enables the company to successfully undertake a number of directional drilling projects concurrently. The company has expanded and maintained market leadership by undertaking work efficiently, expeditiously and competitively while satisfying demanding customers.


  • Cable and pipe placement under roads, rivers, streams and other obstacles
  • Cable and pipe placement where access is difficult and where placement must be precise
  • Cable and pipe placement where the environment must remain undisturbed.
  • Pit and pipe installation
  • Cable Hauling

Static Cable Plough

Underground Constructions can offer its clients the most effective and efficient means of placing cables and pipe underground with the operation of static utility cable ploughs. Static utility cable ploughs can precisely place cable and/ or piping in the ground with minimal disturbance to the ground and surrounding environment.

Our use of cutting-edge GPS technology enables our operators to achieve pinpoint accuracy. GPS technology has transformed the way our cable is planted with preloaded information assisting with the operation of our machine, whilst also enhancing the planning stages of construction.

The cable plough works successfully in various types of soils and terrain. We specialise in ploughing fibre optic cable across remote country.

These full offsetting ploughs are designed for the installation of fibre optic cable Underground Constructions, adopting engineering principles and equipment to the plough to achieve ‘zero’ tension placement of cable with no risk of damage to the cable during the ploughing process. The ploughs are designed for the installation of fibre optic cable, copper core cable, flexible conduit and pipe at working depths from 1 metre to 1.5 metres and installed with ‘zero tension’. The units include front and rear swing cylinders, main lift, attitude and blade height cylinders to maintain maximum stability in uneven ground conditions.


  • Optical fibre placement installed with ‘zero’ cable tension.
  • Cable and pipe laying with minimal disturbance to the environment
  • Cable and pipe laying in various conditions and land terrain.

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